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Security Through Balance

Creating a secure environment in the 21st century requires a new approach to the traditional methods of securing lives and property. We strive to help our clients find the right balance that creates the desired outcomes in a dynamic and evolving environment.

Security Guard

Our Mission

Our emphasis in protection officer training is teaching the art and science of balance between the various means available to officers and their employers. We emphasize the avoidance of escalation in the use of force levels when conflicts arise. By teaching methods that de escalate situations, based on the science of human behavior and reactions, we help officers avoid the consequences of deploying the unnecessary level of force. The judicious use of force limits the liability and social consequences for both officers and their employers. We also view the officers as the most valuable branding resource a security company can use in its marketing strategy.

We adapt our curriculum to meet the real world needs of each client’s unique client profile. Whether your officers protect schools, churches, hospitals, retail businesses, corporate campuses or government agencies, we can enhance their value to increase your company’s marketability.

Training & Services

Dejamuse LLC provides education, training and business consulting to the security industry in Maryland, Pennsylvania, D.C. and Virginia. We understand the unique challenges that face both protection officers and their employers, in a rapidly expanding and dynamic industry. Our training courses include the following:

Training & Services
Security Entrance

Conflict Resolution And Proper Use Of Force

The science of human behavior and its application in use of force decision making. Planning ahead and anticipating negative outcomes so that they can be resolved and controlled.

Security Guard in Uniform

Fundamental Skills In Weapons, Tactics & Strategies

Training in the handling of common weapon platforms and the necessary tactics and strategy of use. This gives officers the knowledge they need to conduct their responsibilities in a civilian setting.

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Md Wear & Carry Permit For Officers

Qualification and classroom training for initial permit and renewals necessary in Maryland for armed officers. This includes elements of our other courses, to give officers a well rounded understanding of their work in the field.

Security Official

Building High Quality Working Dog & Handler Teams

The science of canine behavior, the building of team relationships and the balance of man and dog. Depending on the dog breed and the training objectives, we can mold a unified team to find anything or to support the use of force.

Field Operations

Our field operations are conducted at a private facility, located in Frederick County Maryland. The facility features 9 shooting bays, with large earthen berms. These bays may be used with both paper and steel targets. Firing lines and course of fire layouts can be customized to achieve whatever type of training is necessary, either static or dynamic. There is also a precision rifle range on the property, with target distances from 50 to 300 yards.


Business Services

We have decades of experience in advising business owners. Marketing and Branding strategies and tactical campaigns for security companies are our specialty. Distinguishing yourself in the crowded marketplace can be a daunting challenge for business owners already busy with the day to day operations of their company. We can show you how to leverage what you are already doing so that all your efforts have a multiplier effect in your marketplace.

Additionally, we can help you develop personal wealth for yourself and your family, by using the various financial tools and techniques available to all business owners. Because we have decades of experience as financial, tax and corporate specialists, we can help you develop an ongoing strategy to grow your personal wealth as you grow your business. By understanding the fundament aspects of corporate wealth conversion to personal wealth, we can guide you toward a result that will reward you for all your years of hard work.

Private Security Guard

What Dejamuse Llc Offers

Our People

We believe the quality of our people determines the value of our training and consulting.

Our Affiliate Network

We have built affiliate relationships with several companies, to broaden and enhance our quality and scope of training when the circumstances call for it. As the security industry goes through a dynamic period of growth, we continually seek out other innovators who we believe can bring value added expertise and resources to our clients. For those companies who already have in house trainers on staff, we can assist with gaining access to several outdoor and indoor ranges in northern Maryland for your training purposes. These ranges are well designed and maintained, provide the necessary infrastructure for classroom and course of fire, and provide the type of environment professionals require.

Expertise & Customization 

Before we engage a client, we first determine how to shape our training to better fit the client’s unique needs. Because we maintain a focused approach on our training services, we can remain flexible and provide customization for all our clients. We recognize the economic challenges within the security industry, and the constant pressures of costs and profits. We price our services appropriately for the specific industry we serve. We remain competitive while also maintaining high standards of education and professionalism.

What Dejamuse Llc Offers
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